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Small Business Auto Insurance

Your vehicles are vital to the livelihood of your business. Whether you have flatbed trucks, stake body trucks, refrigerated vans, or company cars dedicated to sales, it’s important to protect them with an auto insurance policy tailored for small businesses like yours. That’s where National General Small Business Auto Insurance can help.

Why Choose National General?

At National General Insurance, we understand the importance of vehicles to business owners. After all, our roots are in the automotive industry. For nearly 80 years, National General has provided excellent automotive insurance to drivers across the nation. We have the coverage and services to accommodate almost any commercial vehicle insurance needs.

We also have specially trained professionals dedicated to helping small businesses. This focus allows our experts to handle claims quickly and effectively so that the process is as easy as possible for you.

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Why is Commercial Auto Insurance Important for a Small Business?

Oftentimes, small business owners start out using their own personal vehicles to do business. Typically, this means their truck, car, or van is insured under a personal auto insurance plan. But for an expanding business, the coverage that a personal auto insurance plan provides is not suitable for a commercial vehicle. Here’s why:

A catastrophic automobile accident could end your business! Good commercial auto insurance can mean the difference between going under and staying afloat in the case of damages or a lawsuit. It protects your company against severe financial loss due to property damage, theft, injury, and liability. A commercial auto policy can also provide other essential coverages to get you on the job site - ones that a personal auto policy can’t. That’s why it’s essential to purchase commercial auto insurance for any vehicle that you use in your business.

Small Business Vehicles We Cover
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Personal Autos
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Why NatGen?
There are a lot of small business auto insurance companies out there. Learn what puts National General above the rest.
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Small Business Auto FAQs
Got a question about our small business auto insurance? Check out our FAQ section on commercial vehicle coverage, discounts, special endorsements, and more.
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